Win Consistent in Baccarat when You Know These Tips


Win consistently is pretty hard to achieve in most of casino games, including Baccarat. Although it is considered easy to play, not all players know how to beat it. Do not worry since you can still win consistent in Baccarat when you know these tips. Keep reading to discover the tips!

Win Consistent in Baccarat when You Know These Tips

Win Consistent in Baccarat when You Know These Tips
Win Consistent in Baccarat when You Know These Tips
  1. Choose the Table

Before you decide playing the Baccarat game, you need to choose the right table to play in. You need to remember that the table for Baccarat will not be the same from one another. To be able to have consistent winning, you need to check the odds beforehand. The odds here are very important since it will be no use if you play here with the odds that are against you. Those kinds of odds will drain your bankroll and you will not be able to win consistently here.

Other than that, you need to check the house edge if you have not played the Baccarat game in that casino. It is also important since you will need to pay for the house edge later on and not know the amount of money you will acquire. Additionally, the tip for live dealer at online casino can also help you in certain ways.

  1. Stick to the Banker Bet

In Baccarat, there will be three bets that you need to make, namely the Player, the Banker, and the Tie Bet. Actually, the Player and Banker bet have more or less the same probability to win. However, in Baccarat game, the Banker bet usually has the slightly bigger chance to win. The house edge for the Banker bet is pretty small for more or less 1.06% and the probability for it to win is 45.86%. When you stick to the Banker bet, you will be likely to have the consistent winning.

  1. Avoid Tie Bet

As previously mentioned, either the Player or the Banker bets should be chosen to be able to win in the game. But, what about the Tie bet? The Tie bet here is the worst bet that you should avoid since it has the lowest probability to occur and the house edge is pretty high.

  1. Learn the 1-3-2-4 System

The 1-3-2-4 system is the system that you can use in Baccarat and you will be able to minimize your lose and increase the winning chance. This 1-3-2-4 is the amount of money that you will need to use in making the bet and it will help you decide the next move of playing Baccarat.

The rule is pretty simple, when making the bet you need to place your initial bet, take for example $10. When you win the bet, you need to go with the sequence by tripling up your bet for $30, but if you lose, you need to go to the first sequence and place the initial bet again.

To sum up, you will be able to win consistent in Baccarat when you know these tips. However, if you want to be more experienced in playing Baccarat, you need to join Malaysia betting website. By doing so, you will be able to discover other ways to win based on your own experience.


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