Solid Reasons to Avoid Card Counting in Blackjack Game

Solid Reasons to Avoid Card Counting in Blackjack Game
Solid Reasons to Avoid Card Counting in Blackjack Game

Blackjack is very well-known for its card counting strategy. As its name, card counting is a strategy of counting the shuffled cards in order to guess the value of the card. However, it is not recommended to do card counting strategy. If you are still new or you have never tried card counting strategy before, just do not do it. Why? Here are some reasons why you should not do card counting during playing blackjack live casino.

Solid Reasons to Avoid Card Counting in Blackjack Game

Solid Reasons to Avoid Card Counting in Blackjack Game

Solid Reasons to Avoid Card Counting in Blackjack Game

Card counting is not easy

Card counting is not as easy as regular counting the card. There is a lot to learn about. As blackjack players, you are required to know the rules of the game such as double, split, and many more. Then, you still need to know and learn about the basic strategy of the game. The basic strategy is memorizing at least 250 different playing decisions. After that, you have to learn about card counting which includes knowing how to stay in a running count and how to divide by using fractions. Really, there are too many things to learn. Card counting is not easy.

Live casino means no card counting

Live casino is obviously designed to resist the card counting because in any live casino, there is card counting software. In live casino, blackjack is played with 8 decks of 52 cards which has 50% shoe penetration. If there are 4 decks dealt, the shoe will be changed. Besides, in some tables, auto shuffling is used to provide fresh shoe before dealing each hands. Moreover, the cards are burned in the beginning or before starting new game. Those things about online blackjack make card counting is very hard and difficult to work well. In other words, it is impossible to get an accurate count.

Live casino software will ruin card counting

As mentioned before, live casino is supported by card counting and card counter software which monitors the game to stay in a correct count of the dealing shoe. If there is a player who consecutively matches the count then the casino will be alerted. The card counter software will directly identify if there is a player who are accused of using card counting strategy.

There is no dealer tells

Some information states that during playing blackjack, the players can look the dealer tells because the dealer knows which cards that have been dealt. So, it will be helpful for the card counting. However, that is wrong information and it has never been proven true. In live casino blackjack, the dealer will not know its own card until the betting is completed. Actually, the system has scanned the card but it is not revealed to the dealer before the betting round is done.

Once you are caught, you will never come back

If you are caught of using card counting during playing the blackjack live casino, you will directly lose your connection to the game. Moreover, you may be banned from the site and you will never be able to come back. So, the casino will not take your bet but directly send you out.

So, you have warned not to use card counting. Do you dare to still do it?

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