Should You Tip Live Dealers at Online Casinos Games?


If you ever go to the land-based casino, you will see that some bettors will leave some money as tip for the dealer. You also can see this kind of activity in some movies. However, actually is it important thing to do? Should you tip live dealers at online casinos games?

Should You Tip Live Dealers at Online Casinos Games?

Should You Tip Live Dealers at Online Casinos Games?
Should You Tip Live Dealers at Online Casinos Games?
  • Live Dealers have Big Enough Salary

Being a live dealer is not easy at all. The dealers should join the practice program first to learn how to serve the bettors and to play the game. They also need to have an attractive appearance, so they will attract bettors to play with them, this is one of many casinos strategies. However, those things match the salary.

Live dealers have a big enough salary, even many websites say that the salary of a live dealer is bigger than the middle class bettors. Based on this fact, you should think twice. Do not give them money because you think that they do not have enough money. They get big enough salary and may be bigger than yours. Do not give them money because of their attractive appearance too. It’s only casino’s strategy to make you to spend more money. Sometimes the tip that you give will not be the dealers’ but will belong to the casino.

  • As Your Gratitude

Of course it is legal or permitted to give the dealers the tip to say thank you for their good services. However, you should be careful. In several online casinos, you are not permitted to give the tip, whatever the reason is. The casinos think that they give enough money to the dealers so they do not need your tip. It is also casinos’ strategy to make you spend more money on betting not on giving it freely as the tip for dealers.

So, you should pay attention to the rules in each online casinos that you open. Usually it will be mentioned in the terms and conditions when you sign up as a member, but you always can ask the customer service or the dealers themselves.

  • Be Careful

Since this is an online casino game, the one who will control the money on the table is the dealer. So, you should be careful with the fraud that may happen. Usually, bettors will only say the amount of money that the dealer can get as the tip and the dealer will pick that amount of money from bettors’ winning money.

However, you should recheck the amount of money after it is transferred in to your bank account, whether the dealer pick the right amount of money from you or not. Sometimes, the dealers will use your inadvertently to pick more money. You should be careful and if you experience this kind of thing, you should directly tell the customer service, so other bettors will not experience the same.

So, should you tip live dealers at online casinos games? The answer is up-to-you. You can do it freely, without any force from anyone. Just consider the facts above before you do it. Happy betting and playing!


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