Irresistible Online Casino Promotions You Need to Get


Many gambler switch from playing at brick-and-mortar casino to online casino because of the promotions and ease of access. Because playing at land based casino, if a person lives far from it they must travel far and sometimes rent a nearby hotel room. Even at countries where gambling is not fully legal like Malaysia has a lot of online gamblers. This is because of the irresistible online casino promotions you need to get now before it expires. So what are these?

Irresistible Online Casino Promotions You Need to Get

Irresistible Online Casino Promotions You Need to Get
Irresistible Online Casino Promotions You Need to Get


Free Bet for New Members

First and foremost, the thing that brick-and-mortar casinos doesn’t offer to new customers is the free bet or also known as free credit. This reward gives a new customer real money to use on their casino products. Since this is real money, you can also win real money. However, you need to follow the conditions set by the online Malaysia casino before you can claim your winnings.

If you want to check the online casinos games, with free credits you will see how it really works. Some use this chance because of that reason. It helps them decide whether it will be profitable for them to play at the said site. Which makes free bet a good bonus to have even if you do not plan to stay long.

Welcome Bonus

This bonus is found in almost all online casino. However, each online casino offers different amount and terms to their welcome bonus. Just like at the Malaysia casino where you can find two types of this. First is the regular welcome bonus 20%.

Many of you might think that “why only 20%?” this is because the promo can be used to almost all their products. Even though its only 20%, it still gives reasonable amount of bonus, as based on their example, if you deposited MYR 1,000, plus Bonus MYR 200 Multiplied by 8 turnover is equal to MYR 9600.

Next is the welcome bonus 100% slot games. As the titles suggests, it is exclusively applicable to only slot games except the non-slots like video poker, scratch and table games. Since this has 100% bonus you could expect to get up to MYR 33,750 from it.

Special Extra Bonuses

The rewards doesn’t stop with those two above. Here expect to get amazing promotions for 2018. One of those is the special extra bonus. There are three types of it at the online Malaysia casino. Each offer different amount of bonus and where it’s applicable. The biggest is the special extra bonus 200% which based on their example, a member could get up to MYR 15,750 if they follow the T&C’s. One thing in common on all the extra bonus is that it can be withdrawn anytime.


These are the most irresistible online casino promotions you need to get from this online casino site. Actually there’s over 20 promotion that you can choose. Visit the website and see the perfect rewards and bonuses for you.


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