Experience the Best Online Slot Games

If you want to experience the best online slot games, you simply need to access QQ882’s site and register yourself in the online casino. You can find a lot of slot games which are developed by leading gaming software developers. Here are some of the slots that the casino provides.

Experience the Best Online Slot Games

Microgaming’s Wacky Panda

Are you tired of the slot games which offer you five reels and numerous pay lines? Those slot games require you to cover all pay lines and bet the maximum to get big payouts. You just feel tired of them and you want to look for a breather. If you feel this way, Wacky Panda slot game can be a good alternative for you.

The slot game uses cute graphics instead of the usual vivid Asian themes. Thus, this slot game is perfect for a change. Enjoy looking at the adorable pandas which accompany you having fun. You might feel disappointed to see that the game only have three reels and only a pay line. You cannot enjoy a bonus round as well.

Yet, the symbols will give you lucrative rewards. The smallest symbols give you only 30 credits. Then, landing three identical symbols can award you from 60 to 90 credits for the fruits symbols. Landing three pandas, however, can give you a reward which ranges from 120 credits up to 900 credits. Landing three red pandas will grant you a special payout of 3,333 credits!

The game is perfect for those who enjoy simplicity. Although you can neither find any free spin nor wild symbols, you will enjoy the game’s prizes. Have fun with Wacky Panda before you come back to your usual game.

Betsoft’s 4 Seasons

Although the game adopts Asian theme, the slot game is able to combine the vivid graphics with cuteness. You can find various cute Chinese zodiac symbols on the game depicted in cartoon style. The color choice and adorable symbols are tastefully mixed. Therefore, you will never get bored when you are playing the slot game!

The game has three rows, five reels, and thirty pay lines. You will see twelve Chinese zodiac symbols which can give you lucrative profits. Landing three identical symbols will give you 10 credits, four symbols 20 credits, and five symbols 50 credits.

You can also find the golden cat which functions as the wild symbols. The golden yin yang acts as the scatter symbol. The wild can substitute other symbols besides the scatter. Furthermore, you can get 10,000 credits by landing five wilds symbols. Moreover, the scatter symbols can give you some free spins depending on the number of symbols you manage to land. The free spins range from eight to 20.

The best concept of the game is its wheel of fate. It rotates every 30 spins to change the golden animal. The golden symbol becomes 10x multiplier, while the silver and bronze ones transform to 5x and 2x multiplier respectively.

In QQ882, you can definitely get the best experiences while having fun. You can enjoy immersive online betting due to the engaging slot games that the online casino provides. What are you waiting for? You can experience the best online slot games like Wacky Panda and 4 Seasons in QQ882!

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