Different kinds of Bonuses in Online Casino

Different kinds of Bonuses in Online Casino
Different kinds of Bonuses in Online Casino

Have you ever feel that casino games are only ordinary games? You should know about the bonus that will make your casino games play-time more exciting and fun. Before choosing the bonus, you should know different kinds of bonuses in online casino, so that you will never miss the most valuable bonus.

Different kinds of Bonuses in Online Casino

Different kinds of Bonuses in Online Casino

Different kinds of Bonuses in Online Casino

  • New Member and Loyal Member Bonuses

Basically, there are two kinds of bonus, for new members, the other ones are for loyal members. The new member bonuses are welcoming bonuses that will add bettors’ money to be used as bet in games. The conditions are usually new members should deposit certain amount of money, play the games from certain provider, then reach the turnover target. It usually also has time limitation which means bettors should reach the target before the due time.

For loyal member, the bonuses are rewarded if bettors already reach certain level. So if bettors keep playing for certain time, they will be leveled up and they can get certain advantages based on that level. The bonus can be certain amount of money that will be added automatically into your account.

  • Cashback Bonuses

This is really and amazing online casino promotions for 2018. It is just like getting a discount while shopping. You will get some amount of money back. However, in order to get this bonus, you should meet the requirements and one of them is reaching the turnover target. Then, you can get your cash back after you finish all the requirements.

Why is it beneficial? First of all, you will get the cash back which can be used as bet in other games. Then, you also can keep the winning money when you are trying to reach the turnover target. So, it’s like getting combo bonus. What are you waiting for?

  • Extra Bonus

You can get extra bonus from the website with certain maximum amount of money and certain turnover target. The plus point from this bonus is you can withdraw the money anytime you want. However, this extra bonus can only be claimed by new members who play certain games from certain providers.  The deadline is usually set up for this bonus, so bettors should play before the deadline.

  • Freebet

As a new member, you can also claim your bonuses by entering the freebet code that will be sent to you by the customer service through SMS in the signed-up mobile phone number. Each member will only get one chance to get the code and to withdraw the bonus, you should reach the turnover target.

  • Lucky Draw

If you reach certain turnover target, you will get a lucky draw ticket consists of several digits of numbers. On certain day, the website will get the lottery to give several big prizes. This is a bonus that will give you a surprise gift, if you win it of course.

These different kinds of bonuses in online casino really are a great deal for you. You can get more money to place as bet and it will lead you to the jackpots. Which bonus that you will choose, then? Access QQ808 now and start your betting with many bonuses!

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