Beat Playtech Casino Slot Geisha Story with these Tricks


Playtech is the best slot games provider that will give you an amazing game, both in matter of jackpot and graphic. With interesting theme, Playtech is successful in dragging bettors to play the game over and over. One of the game with interesting theme is Geisha Story. Beat Playtech casino slot Geisha Story with these tricks.

Beat Playtech Casino Slot Geisha Story with these Tricks

Beat Playtech Casino Slot Geisha Story with these Tricks
Beat Playtech Casino Slot Geisha Story with these Tricks
  • Always Bet Max

In most slot games, the amount of bet that bettor places doesn’t matter. However, in some cases, bet amount actually matters. Geisha Story is one of those rare games. Don’t hope too high, though – this game will not pop up different level of jackpot just because you bet on the high limit. The bet max strategy is plausible here because Geisha Story’s payout is notorious with imbalanced numbers. Just try and go check out its payline to prove it. Therefore, it’s best to bet as highly as possible to get the best profits.

  • Do The Dollar Ball Bet

The Dollar Ball Bet in Geisha Story is a feature you can’t get anywhere else. To do it, press the Dollar Ball icon on top right corner. This bet is a bit pricier than the normal bets, but it brings bettor closer to the jackpot. With every spin, a lottery draw will be triggered. Choose five numbers between one and 49. If all of the numbers match the lottery draw, bettor will get the jackpot. However, if only four numbers match, the bettor will only get 1% of the jackpot.

  • Bet on Every Combination

If you look closely, there are many bet combinations displayed on the side reels. Many would think that it’s just a waste of time and money since there are so many of them. However, betting on most of them (if not all) actually narrows your losing chances. Because there are definite options to choose on instead blind slot spinning, bettors can get maximum chances as long they cover most or every option. So, never skip to invest on them. In case you don’t have much money to cover all of them, cover the combinations that seem likely to happen. The combinations can be predicted by looking on the previous spin result.

  • Use Auto Spin Feature

Geisha Story is interesting at the start of the game. There’s a short movie to open up the gambling session, the bonuses are rewarding, and the payline can payout to a big sum. However, after a few spins, there’s not much entertainment in the slots itself. Many reviewers have claimed to be bored throughout the game – and sometimes, boredom can lead to irritation. To avoid irritation and bad decisions, always use the Auto Spin feature when playing Geisha Story. Not only it will help you stay calm, it also convenient for multitaskers and minimize time wasted on playing.

Now, start to play and beat Playtech casino slot Geisha Story with these tricks. You will get an unforgettable experience and game, also big amount of jackpot. Play with beautiful Geisha with a lot of fortune. There are also these things to do when playing online slots that can get you started up. Have some fun and happy betting!


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